Our story

DAM is a volunteer based, not for profit, initiative that is founded by DR. Abdelaziz Mustafa and  spear headed by a group of individuals who are very passionate and committed to effectual human resources management and youth development.

The idea of DAM was born in Maniples, Minnesota in 1998 at the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). In that meeting, SHRM was celebrating two remarkable achievements:

  1. SHRM Golden Anniversary in which the founders, who were still alive then, were honored and recognized.
  2. SHRM membership reaching one million members.

I was very impressed and intrigued by these stark achievements that triggered in me a number of questions and lots of hope for replicating the SHRM idea in the Sudan.

Hence, I took it upon myself to do whatever it takes with the youth and those with passion for effectual human resources management and youth development to establish a similar body in the Sudan.

In 2004, I started with a group of youth the endeavors to establish the Sudan Human Resources Society (SHRS). It took a lot of effort and a severe pain of delivery until SHRS is born but it has not lasted for long.

The lessons learned from the SHRS experience encouraged me to bring DAM idea to the open, which was received with high enthusiasm, encouragement and support until it started its activities in 29 March 2015.

By now, DAM has successfully passed the survival and success stages and is rapidly renewing itself to become a premier youth development center