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April 14, 2018

NPS is a “System” rather than a “Score”



     (NPS is a “System” rather than a “Score”)


Most of customer experience practitioners use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measurement of customer loyalty and a predictor of business growth.

As a matter of fact, NPS is a simple, practical, and an actionable (eg:event triggered NPS) KPI and also an informative measurement because it reflects two sides:

  • The Inspirational Side: in which the score tells the extent to which a company has enriched people’s lives or in other words where is a company in realizing its mission or the purpose behind its existence as perceived by its customers.


  • The Economical Side: viewing the score from this perspective reflects how healthy an organization the way forward!; the higher positive the Net Promoter Score, the more healthier a company and vice versa.

In short, the inspirational and economical sides of the NPS describes how a company is relevant (Inspirational side -in the eye of the beholder “ie: Customers”) and healthy (Economical Side – business growth).

Although the Net Promoter Score is a very reliable measure of business growth, however it’s not enough to having just a SCORE in order to attain or make sustainable business growth!; generating sustainable profits from loyal customers is not an event; it’s a continues process; it’s a way of doing business.

From my experience in the state of Organizational Development (OD) & change management, any sustainable change needs to be a “SYSTEM PERSPECTIVE”! or otherwise a change effort/initiative would be a flavor of the month!

Cultivating the culture of “customer centricity” or “customer focused” is the framework and foundation of delivering value-added customer experiences as in principle organization culture justifies everything happening inside a company.

We have a very challenging question over here :


In a customer focused culture, the top management or the strategic leadership team of a company treating the generation of more promoting customers and fewer detractors as a mission critical at CEO & executive management level of a company and across all functions not because it’s something noble but because its profitable!. A leadership development program & executives coaching (An OD interventions) could be the solutions for changing executives mindset and building the right leadership capacity towards sustainable & successful change.

In a customer focused culture, treating Voice Of Customer (VOC) as a great learning opportunity for organizations and front liners, re-engineering of customer related processes, and ultimately improving service level; supervisors contentiously coach their direct reports and regularly do cross functional meetings for problem solving and reaching a consensus.

On the other hand, organizational development is a company-wide process of data collection, diagnosis, action planning, intervention, and evaluation. it’s a planned change based on behavioral science to unfreeze the current status, moving forward, and reaching the desired status.

from the above, the Net Promoter Score needs to be treated as one element or part of a system ( a mean for an end) ; as a way of raising a true sense of urgency inside a company and stimulating change of the status quo and moving forward.

NPS as a system (OD perspective) is about the sustainable commitment of leadership to customer advocacy; it’s about having the right technological infrastructure for getting more insights on customer behavior; it’s about an engaged workforce for better strategy implementation; it’s about continues learning and improvement; and simply, its a way of doing business.

 The Net Promoter System® developed by bain & company is a great framework for customer experience professionals and executives in guiding their change efforts and making sustainable business growth a SUCCESS.

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